Digital Thicket

Digital Thicket

Estonian EU presidency Opening Ceremony Installation at Freedom Square

On June 29, 2017, there was a free concert party at Freedom Square in Tallinn to celebrate the beginning of the Estonian presidency of the Council of the European Union attended by almost 15,000 people. The aim of the event organised by Musiccase OÜ was to introduce to Europe a country that is open and smart with equal appreciation of both innovation and tradition.

Also the Digital Thicket designed for the stage and square by PART architects told the story of Estonian Presidency “Unity through Balance” – an open system of seven solid cubic metres and 700 identical wooden elements calling for imagination and various functions. The Digital Thicket formed a low café area with the central stage towering at the height of eight metres and the edges around the main stage allowing a 360 degree view. After the concert, the Digital Thicket was given a new life as a climbing frame for creepers at the Tallinn Botanical Gardens.


Helen Sildna, Main Organizer of the opening ceremony of the Estonian presidency of the European Union Council:

“The timber installation design elements based on the motif of a thicket symbolise the closeness of nature common to the Estonian culture as well as our love for innovation and new technologies – an identity that values traditions but also remains open and in constant change. Our programme aims at creating the feel and environment of a community festival rather than keeping a clear distance between the stage and the audience. It is a party we throw for ourselves to enjoy our time together. There will be a long dinner table set on the Liberty Square with flowers and tablecloths just like the ones we have at our local or family celebrations – it is a good time to make friends with new people and wish each other well.”

digital (not comparable)

  1. Having to do with digits (fingers or toes); performed with a finger.
  2. Property of representing values as discrete, usually binary, numbers rather than a continuous spectrum. 
  3. digital computer;  digital clock
  4. Of or relating to computers or the Information Age.


thicket /ˈθɪkɪt/ noun

a dense group of bushes or trees.

‘a horned owl perfectly camouflaged in a dense thicket’. ‘They rode down a dirt path in the forest amid the thickets of bushes and trees.’ ‘It is a very attractive park of rolling hills, open grassy valleys, interspersed with thickets, woodlands and rich wetlands.’ ‘Do you enjoy wading through dense thickets of symbolism?’ ‘The dense thicket of rules and exceptions will drive away, or drive mad, almost anyone else.

The Oxford Dictionary of English

Original location:
Freedom Square, Tallinn

Reerected at Tallinn Botanical Garden, Club Laine, Viru Square and Tower Square in Tallinn



Sille Pihlak and Siim Tuksam (PART)


Jarmo Vaik, Kalle Kingsepp, René Jõhve, Liina Soosaar, Tanel Roht, Laur Lõvi

Structural consultant:
Laur Lõvi

Palmatin OÜ, Narvo OÜ, Rothoblaas Baltic SIA, Makespace OÜ

Photo: Tõnu Tunnel

Photo: Tõnu Tunnel

Photo: Tõnu Tunnel

Photo: Tõnu Tunnel